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Our STEAM to GO! kits have interactive STEAM (science – technology – engineering – art – math) resources to create safe and innovative learning environments that foster the development of critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity. Each kit includes a high-interest prebound book paired with interactive STEAM resources on the same topic. The kits are available for checkout in Youth Services.

  • Penworthy STEAM to go : I love animals kit Interest Grades: PK-3. The I Love Animals Kit gives young animal lovers a chance to become a Veterinarian for a day and interact with animals. The hands-on manipulatives promote STEM careers, builds memory and develops empathy skills. Kids learn facts about everything from guppies to puppies in the included book.

  • Penworthy STEAM to go : yoga for mindfulness kit Interest Grade: PK-3. Namaste should be in every child’s vocabulary. This kit is a delightful introduction that encourages teamwork and healthy physical activity. Designed to encourage children to experiment with basic yoga poses and build confidence using two engaging games for multiple players.

  • Penworthy STEAM to go : all about magnets kit Interest Grade: PK-3. This Science focused STEAM kit is a dynamic, hands- on introduction to the fascinating powers of magnets. STEAM lessons are irresistible when you add the excitement of fun, colorful tools to scientific exploration.

  • Penworthy STEAM to go : building and design kit Interest Grade: 4+. Dive into a behind-the-brinks look at the beloved LEGO toy with this hands-on STEAM kit. Kids can take what they learned in the world of LEGO engineering and apply it to the KEVA Brain Builders and City Engineer sets which give you the tools to design and build creations to solve challenges.

  • Penworthy STEAM to go : food and nutrition kit Interest Grade: PK-3. Get kids talking about the science of food, the five food groups, and the composition of a healthy meal. Practice healthy meal building skills with the Healthy Helpers Game. Learn how to garden with pretend flower pots, watering cans, a shovel, plants and vegetables. Then develop color recognition and sorting skills with bushels of produce, and learn the nutritional value of eating the rainbow.

  • Penworthy STEAM to go : construction and building kit Interest Grade: PK-3. This Engineering focused STEAM kit encourages young readers to become interested in construction and engineering while they are still learning basic life skills. This fun reader following a ninja visiting a construction site, paired with construction blocks can keep little ones happy and busy while channeling their inner engineers.

  • Penworthy STEAM to go : trucks and tools kit Interest Grades: PK-3. The Trucks and Tools kit is designed for the young gearhead. The two-piece tractor trailer and the Design & Drill Bolt Buddies are interactive hands-on manipulatives for building fine motor skills. Kid friendly tools are designed for tiny hands and encourages creativity and problem- solving skills. Kids will love Trucks! A level two Ripley Reader featuring great pictures and information about various trucks.

  • Penworthy STEAM to go : machines and contraptions kit Interest Grade: 4+. Young thinkers explore the ideas of Leonardo Da Vinci through his notebook sketches, showing how his ideas foreshadowed modern inventions. Students construct, examine and explain simple machines to develop a deeper understanding of how they make work easier. KEVA planks build an early understanding of proportion and balance, while teaching basic principles of physics and engineering.

  • Penworthy STEAM to go : examine science and nature Interest Grade: 4+. Let’s go and explore! The Examine Science and Nature Kit encourages kids to explore everyday items in their house, backyard or on a nature walk. The Handheld Mini Microscope and Specimen slides give children a lens into assorted specimens including: algae, fish scales, coffee, grasshopper, and silk to name a few. The fun and memory boosting game features essential science and nature topics to teach life science topics.

  • Penworthy STEAM to go : math patterns and tactile kit Interest Grade: PK-3. This Math focused STEAM kit encourages critical thinking and sparks memorable mathematical conversations. Colorful, engaging pieces with rich textures provide a great way to encourage a child’s sense and strengthen fine motor skills.

  • Penworthy STEAM to go : engineering gears and mazes kit Interest Grade: K+. Hands on crafts, rolling marble gravity mazes, and machines that move, the Engineering Gears and Mazes kit has all the enrichment a future engineer could need. With open ended play and building options, these items help kids learn and build STEM skills like critical thinking through trial and error. Colorful pieces help keep kids engaged and drive imaginative thinking. Get the ball rolling and the gears cranking with this great kit.

  • Penworthy STEAM to go : Arts and crafts creative kit Interest Grade: PK-3. The Arts and Crafts Creative Kit lets kids express their creativity using a variety of materials and recycled items for hours of fun. The hands-on manipulatives can be used individually or as a group for left brain development and critical reasoning skills. Eco-friendly adults can help their kids make 60 cool crafts using the book included.

  • Penworthy STEAM to go : all about dinosaurs Interest Grade: PK - 3. Explore what would happen if you looked in the mirror and saw that you had become part dino! Enjoy imaginative play with dinosaur figures, and the game Dinosaur Escape allows kids to work together, use their memory, and incorporate simple strategy to rescue the dinos from volcanic eruption.

  • Penworthy STEAM to go : Sounds, music, and band kit Interest Grade: PK – 3. Children will delight in this silly sing-along story with funny, eye-popping illustrations and informative picture guides to help readers to mimic and act out the hand and foot movements and develop their fine motor skills. Play along and create fun songs using the band equipment provided to encourage creative play and to help children experience the fun of making music.

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