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Community Services

Meeting Rooms

New Castle Public Library has 2 meeting rooms available for use by individuals, community groups, and businesses. Stop by the Help Desk or call 724-658-6659 ext. 108 or 109 to reserve a room.


Availability of Rooms


Rooms are available during regular library hours and should be reserved in advance to guarantee availability. Meetings should end 30 minutes before the library closes. The rooms are not available to public groups before the standard opening time. Activities are to be contained to the meeting room and not interfere with normal library operations. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted. A small kitchen is available for those using the Copernicus Room.




The rooms are free for nonprofit organizations engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual, or charitable activities. Meetings must be free and open to the public. Nonprofit groups whose meetings are not open to the public and/or charge a fee for attending may rent a room. Businesses and other profit-making entities may rent meeting rooms for a fee. Payment must be received by the date of reservation.


Our auditoriums are available to the community for use by local groups for educational and community service meetings. The meeting rooms are NOT available for social functions (e.g. showers, parties, receptions, etc.).

Rental fees:

  • Nonprofit, free, and open to the public -- Copernicus Room= No fee ; Program Room = No fee

  • Nonprofit, private meeting or admission fee -- Copernicus Room = $25 ; Program Room = $15

  • Business/for-profit  -- Copernicus Room = $50.00 ; Program Room = $30


Other fees that apply to all groups:

  • A $15 fee may be charged if a reservation is canceled with less than 24 hours notice.

  • A  $25 cleaning fee may be charged if the room, including the Copernicus Room kitchen, is not left in good condition. Individuals and groups that have reserved the meeting rooms are responsible for the condition of the rooms, including the kitchen, while in their use. 

  • Fees will be charged for damaged or missing equipment.


All fees may be waived or adjusted at the discretion of the Director or Board of Trustees.


Room Setup


  • Copernicus Room (first floor) - The standard setup is 8 tables with chairs. The group may rearrange the chairs and tables to fit their needs, but are responsible for returning the room to the standard setup. The Copernicus Room can accommodate up to 50 people in the standard setup.

  • Children's Program Room (second floor) - Tables and chairs are available. Group is responsible for setting up as needed and taking down tables.

  • Audio visual equipment needs must be requested at time of reservation.


Audio Visual Equipment


Each meeting room is equipped with the following equippment. Please indicate any equipment needed for your program when reserving a room.

  • Projector

  • CD Player

  • Blue Ray/DVD Player

  • Screen

  • Wireless microphone (moveable) 

  • Remote control (moveable) 

  • VGA cable (moveable) - 50 ft., 25 ft., OR 10 ft. 

  • HDMI cable (moveable) - 50 ft., 25 ft., OR 10 ft. 


Program coordinator will need to obtain any equipment listed as "moveable" from the Help Desk on the first floor and leave a Driver's License, PA Photo ID, library card, or car keys. Program coordinator will need to return all items to the Reference Desk. Group will be charged for any items not returned or damaged.


Librarian staffing the Reference Desk will activiate the system in the Copernicus Room (first floor), please check in upon arrival.

Meeting Rooms

Community Exhibit Space


The New Castle Public Library encourages community use of exhibit space for purposes that enhance the Library’s educational, cultural, and civic mission. Displays also provide an opportunity to showcase local talent to the community.


Applications to exhibit/display must be submitted to the library and must include all requested information. A signed application for use of the exhibit cases must be filled out prior to installation of the exhibit/display. If specific dates are requested by the exhibitor, the application must be submitted 3 months in advance.



  • Exhibit/display will be declined if it is of a commercial or political nature.

  • Exhibit/display must be suitable for all ages. The Director’s interpretation shall prevail.

  • All publicity regarding the exhibit/display is the responsibility of the exhibitor. Mention of the New Castle Public Library is limited to viewing dates, times, and location.


The New Castle Public Library is not liable for any damage, loss, disappearance, or theft of exhibit items or any financial damages caused by or related to the exhibit. The exhibitor assumes all risks.


The exhibitor or responsible party representing the exhibitor must sign the application and assume responsibility for compliance with this policy. Penalties for non-compliance include but are not limited to: immediate and permanent banning from exhibiting and/or payment for damages.


It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to set up and remove the exhibit on the agreed upon date. The Library does not provide storage for the property of individuals or organizations exhibiting.


Pick up an exhibit application at the library or print one below.  Call 724-658-6659 ext. 107 for more information.

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