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Using Your Account

Get a Library Card


All Lawrence county residents and property owners can receive a library card free of charge. If you are a non-county resident, please contact the library for registration information.  Persons applying for a library card in the adult department must be at least 18 years of age.  


How do I get a FREE library card?

You either need a current Pennsylvania Driver’s License or Photo ID with your current address, or two types of identification that have your name, correct address, and current date (see list below) on them.


To get your child a card, the child must be with you. If you already have a current account we need you to fill out a registration card for the child and show your ID. If you don’t have an account with us, you will still need the above requirements.


Types of Identification:

PA Driver’s License or Photo ID

Car registration


Current utility bill with the service address shown

Mail sent to you within the last 2 weeks


If you do not have a second form of ID with you, we will send a postcard to the address shown on the ID presented. The postcard must be returned within 2 weeks of the postmark and a card will be issued.

Request a Library Card/ Patron Self-Registration

In our catalog, there’s a link to Request a Library Card. This Patron Self-Registration allows patrons to initiate registration for a library account through the catalog. Once you fill out the form and register, you will have 30 days to come to the library in person to present your photo ID/driver’s license with your current address, sign the registration card, and pick up your library card.

What are my privileges and responsibilities as a borrower?

You MUST present your library card or identification whenever you wish to check out library materials or use the library computers. You are responsible for the return of all materials charged to your card and any fines or fees associated with items on your account. You must notify the Library if your card is lost or stolen to prevent unauthorized use. Parents or guardians are responsible for guiding their children’s selection of library materials and are also financially responsible for items checked out on their child’s card.  

Library Card

Log Into My Account


From the main website (, click on ‘My Account(or click here).  To log in, enter as username your library barcode – all 14 digits, beginning with 01902, without the ‘A’ or ‘B’ at the end (if they are in your barcode). Enter the four digit password you were given from the library. If you have forgotten your PIN, call the library to have another PIN assigned. You can change your username and password (so that you don’t have to enter your card number each time) under ‘Account Preferences’.


You are now in your personal account! From your account, you have access to your checked out items, holds, fines, and checkout history.  You can also search the catalog, renew your items, and create lists of items.


Items Checked Out’ will show you what items you have out, and when they are due – you can also renew books in this screen. ‘Holds’ shows you what books you have on hold, and you also have the option to cancel holds from this screen. ‘Fines’ will show you what fines you have, and for which titles.

Log In Account

Search for Items


Our catalog has some very nice search features! From the main website (, click on ‘Search the Catalog’ on the upper left (or click here). This will take you to the main search page, where you can search for items in our library. You can also log in to your account from this page (in the upper right).


If you search for a subject, such as ‘angels’, you can narrow your search with the many options on the left side of the page. You can select to narrow the search down by author, series title, subject name, etc.


Searching under ‘Advanced Search’ will allow you to narrow down selections by audience (adult vs. children’s, etc.), language, item form (large print, video, etc.), and more.  You can also search for a specific title or author by using the labeled search bars in ‘Advanced Search’.


Can't find the book you're looking for in our catalog? You can request it from another library.


Place a Hold


Use the catalog to search for the item you want using the methods described above. Once you have the record up, click on ‘Place a Hold’ to the right of the item.


If you are not logged in to your account, it will ask for your barcode or username.


Make sure your phone number is correct, and click on ‘Submit’.  If you wish to receive email notifications when your hold is ready, check the box for 'Yes, by Email'.  If you did not enter an email address when registering for a card, you can add one by going to 'Account Preferences' on the 'My Account' page.

Once you have placed a hold, you will see the item in your holds screen.  We will contact you when your hold is available, please wait until we contact you to come pick up your item.


Renew Items Online


Log in to your account.  Click on the ‘Items Checked Out’ tab.  Select the items you would like to renew; if you want to renew all of them, click on the box at the top of the list to select all.


Make sure that ‘Renew Selected Titles’ is visible from the dropdown menu, and click on ‘Go’.  When the items are renewed, the due date will change.


You may not be able to renew online from your account if:

  • The item has already been renewed twice, the maximum allowed renewals on any item.

  • Another patron has placed a hold on the item.

  • There is a problem with your account, such as fines or overdues exceeding the maximum allowed ($5)


Track My Checkout History


If you would like to keep track of your checkout history, click on the ‘Account Preferences’ tab after signing in to your account.

Click on ‘History and Search Holds’.  Check the box marked ‘Keep history of checked out items’. You can also check the box to ‘Keep history of holds’.


The history will begin tabulating once you click ‘Save’. Previous checkouts up until this point will not be visible.

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