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Interlibrary Loans are limitted to two items per patron at a time. The book you are requesting must be at least six months old, and your library account must be at least three months old. Requests for Best Sellers may be denied. Please be sure to double check the spelling of the title and author of your book before clicking submit form.

Common FAQs: 


1. I just got my library card, can I get an ILL the same day?


Answer: No, you must have an active library card for 3 months before ordering an ILL.

2. This book just came out and I really want to read it, can I order it through ILL?


Answer: No, any materials requested through interlibrary loan must be older than 6 months published. 


3. I really want to read this bestseller book that has been on hold for a while, can I order it through ILL?


Answer: No, current bestsellers are not allowed to be ordered through ILL. 

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