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PA Forward Star Program

New Castle Public Library is a PA Forward Gold Star Library

Since June 2018, New Castle Public Library has been participating in the PA Forward Star Library Program.

What is PA Forward? It is a campaign created by the Pennsylvania Library Association to help Pennsylvanians improve essential literacy skills. Through the emphasis of five areas of literacy: basic literacy, information literacy, civic and social literacy, health literacy, and financial literacy.

At New Castle Public Library, we offer programs, services, and materials in each of these areas. We are committed to connecting the Lawrence County community with the tools we need for success.

New Castle achieved PA Forward bronze star status in June 2018. The bronze level demonstrates that the library is integrating PA Forward into existing displays and activities, and is actively engaged in promoting and supporting the PA Forward principles.

In July 2019 we achieved PA Forward silver-star status and in November 2019 we achieved the highest level a library can earn, a gold star status. We aim to be the best library we can be for our patrons.

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