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Support Your Library


The New Castle Public Library has been a spark for independent learning for New Castle and other

Lawrence County residents for more than 100 years. Each day the library helps children and adults:


  • Develop literacy skills

  • Apply for jobs

  • Download eBooks

  • Communicate with friends and family in distance places

  • Explore new technology

  • Discover a new author or reconnect with an old favorite

  • Investigate their family history


Your contributions will LIGHT A SPARK.

There are many ways you can help the library!

Give a Gift 
New Castle Public Library is currently asking for donations in support of its end-of-year campaign. 

Donations are tax-deductible

Please mail donations to:

New Castle Public Library

207 E. North St.

New Castle, PA 16101


Thank you for your generous support!



New Castle Public Library offers residents various rewarding volunteer opportunities. Our volunteers work at many different tasks that enable the library to provide better service to the community. Teens are welcome to participate; seniors and retired citizens are also encouraged to help the library by contributing a few hours of their time each week. For more information on volunteer opportunities, call 724-658-6659.

Donate Books


We appreciate the special place that books have in people’s lives and the reluctance to discard them. However, limitations of time and space make it impossible for the library to accept all the books it is offered. Our purpose in accepting books as donations is to either add them to the collection or generate revenue for the library by offering them for sale in our Book Cellar. Please view our guidelines for donating books.


Looking for a special way to honor a loved one?  Request a tribute or memorial book


Speak Up for Your Library!


In addition to personally reaching out to our representatives in the House and Senate, we encourage library users of all ages in our communities to speak up for libraries. Every day across the country, libraries are consistently meeting the needs of their communities by providing a broad range of services for people of all ages and backgrounds.


The library plays a critical role as Americans face tough economic times; and we offer more than just books, movies, and CDs. Libraries offer their communities access to computers and the Internet, financial literacy skills, assistance with job searches, and resources to help small businesses.

Contact your representatives and let them know that libraries are important to you!

Learn to be a library advocate, from the Pennsylvania Library Association.

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