Using Your Account

From the main website (, click on ‘My Account’. To log in, enter as username your library barcode – all 14 digits, beginning with 01902, without the ‘A’ or the ‘B’ at the end (if they are in your barcode). Enter the four digit password you were given from the library.

You are now in your personal account!

From your account, you have access to your checked out items, holds, fines, and checkout history. You can also search the catalog, renew your items, and create lists of items.

If you want to place a hold, search for the item you want – either by using the ‘Basic’ or ‘Advanced Search’. Find the title and click on ‘Place Hold’. If you have an email address listed in your account, you can click the box to be notified via email. Otherwise, you will be notified by telephone when your item is available.

If you would like to keep track of your checkout history, click on the ‘Account Preferences’ tab, and then click on ‘History and Search Holds’. Check the box marked ‘Keep history of checked out items’. You can also check the box to “keep history of holds’. The history will begin tabulating once you click ‘Save’. Previous checkouts up until this point will not be visible.

How to Search the Catalog

Renew From Your Account

If you have any questions, stop in or call us at 724-658-6659, ext. 107.