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Local Author Celebration & Free Book Exchange

Join us at New Castle Public Library as we celebrate local authors, 15 of whom will be selling and signing their books. Stop by to say hello from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 13 at the library.

There will also be a table for a free book exchange. Bring a book and take home a book that a fellow reader enjoyed.

Participating authors are:

  • Ann Antognoli - Antognoli’s novels include “The Sunny Spaces” - a novel of romance, inspiration, and restoration - and “A Heart So Wide,” a spirited love story played out against a backdrop of several turbulent lives disfigured by abuse.

  • Dorothy Knight Burchett - Burchett, who writes a column for New Castle News, has written two books of unique and humorous essays. In “Getting It All Together,” she contemplates daily life at home and in the nation. In “Miles and Miracles,” she writes about her love of travel, having visited 49 of the 50 states and embarking on a solo-cross-country trip when she was 63 years old. This fun yet meaningful book was inspired by that journey.

  • Colleen Chamberlain (pen name: Penny Allenwood) - Writing under the pen name, Penny Allenwood, Chamberlain is author of “How to Hike and NOT Die,” an entertaining how-to book on outdoor safety. Through anecdotes and real-world experiences, you will learn how to identify and prepare for hazards before you step on the trail.

  • Derika Comedy - “Walking in My Shoes” is a fictional story based on true events. Diana, a young girl, finds herself growing up faster than she ever anticipated. The unthinkable actions of some elders leave her in mind-blowing situations. At some point, she has to decide who she is living for, her tormenters or herself.

  • Rhonny Dam - In “An Atypical Chick,” Dam shares her story as a childfree-by-choice woman and how she came to believe that “atypical chicks” are the ones who must be willing to create not just a new path, but a paradigm shift to confront the need for a smaller population on earth and to ease the adaptation to our changing world, threatened as it is by climate change.

  • Julie “Ju-Ju” DeLillo and Michael Natale - “Mixed-up Innocence: Murder at the Spaghetti House” is a non-fiction historical depiction of an Italian immigrant who was wrongfully accused. Authors DeLillo and Natale tell the story of their proud grandfather who was able to make his hopes and dreams a reality before losing it all to pay for his own defense.

  • Philip Gasiewicz (pen name: Philip Warren) - “Irina” is a novel about a Polish peasant girl whose life is turned upside down by an unexpected pregnancy upon the arrival of the Black Death. She is disowned by her family and watches as her lover’s family is murdered because they are Jews. She manages to pass herself off as a woman of minor nobility, but makes enemies as she is pursued across Poland, Germany, and France. What happens to her and her son, the priest-mentor who schooled her in the ways of nobility, and those who sought to murder her are the stuff of Irina’s story spanning some 30 years.

  • Gary Hill - Gary Hill wrote “The Other Oswald: A Wilderness of Mirrors,” a story of how Robert Edward Webster and Lee Harvey Oswald began an odyssey together that became a thread, which when unraveled, reveals how Cold War paranoia escalated into the death of a president. His follow-up, historical fiction novel is “The House on Harlandale.”

  • Susan Urbanek Linville - Linville will have copies of her books: “In Hot Pursuit: The Hidden History of the Underground Railroad in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania,” “Historic New Castle Neighborhoods,” “Treasures from the Spirit World,” and “A School for My Village & Victory for My Village: Memoirs of a Ugandan Man.” She will also be selling copies of “The Keep,” an anthology of poetry, prose, fiction, non-fiction, art, and photography by novices and professionals. There are two editions: 2019 and 2020. All subject matter pertains to New Castle in some form.

  • Dale Richard Perelman - Perelman’s books include “New Castle’s Kadunce Murders: Mystery and the Devil in Northwest Pennsylvania,” “Steel: the Story of Pittsburgh’s Iron and Steel Industry 1852-1902,” “Road to Rust: the Disintegration of the Steel Industry in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio,” Centenarians: One Hundred 100 Year Olds Who Made a Difference,” and “The King’s Jewelry Story: Lessons My Father Taught Me.”

  • Stephen V. Ramey - Ramey is the author of two flash fiction collections: “Glass Animals” and “We Dissolve: Post-Progressive Fictions.”

  • Kat Rodgers - “Visit Me Often” is an inspirational, true story of a woman’s struggle to deal with her sister’s tragic death. With the guidance of a psychic medium, the sisters are reunited. Contact with the spirit realm brings new hope and a conscious awareness that extends beyond the physical world. A must read for those interested in Spiritualism and the next life.

  • Randy Ryan - Ryan wrote the horror fiction novels “Haunted Farm,” “Mediums,” and “Perspectives.” He is also the author of three children’s books and a short story.

  • Lieselotte Schwarz - Schwarz’s memoir, “My Life in World War II,” describes the author’s struggles as a young wife and mother living in her native Germany under the shadow of war.

  • Richard G. Yates Jr. – Gates has published the following memoirs: A Love Book, Greg, Placement Poems and Vignettes, Mom, Brazil Brasil, and O Tempo.

Information: 724-658-6659 x109 or


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