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Stacks the Library Cat

UPDATE: After 10 years of "working," Stacks retired from his job at the library in 2020. He now lives in New Castle with our former director and his pals Howie the cat and Parker the Dog.

Stacks roamed into the New Castle Public Library in August 2010. Library staff escorted him out twice, and realized on his third entry, that this was meant to be. He was named Stacks because he loves to lay on or around stacks of books—it doesn’t matter if the books are on a book cart or shelved, Stacks is there.

Once the public learned about a cat in the library, a proposal was made to the Board of Trustees by our patrons and staff members to adopt Stacks as the library cat. The proposal was accepted and passed unanimously.

Books: Stacks has been included in two books published about library cats, which are available at the library:

Stacks today (2021), with his pal Parker.

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