Tributes and Memorials

Are you searching for a special way to honor a loved one?

Place a book “In Memory of”

  • Express your sympathy by honoring the memory of someone who has passed away: a loved one, friend, neighbor or business associate.

Place a book “In Honor of”

  • Do you need an extra-special gift for someone? Perfect for any occasion! Use a Tribute for an Anniversary, Birthday, Holidays, Graduation or Just Because.

A notification card will be sent to the person you indicate, advising them of your gift. A plate on the inside of the book will have

“In Memory of”: or “In Honor of”: their name
“Given by”: your name

There is a minimum donation of $20 for memorial and honor books.

Call 724-658-6659, ext. 106 or email Sharon, at for more information.

Memorial Book Request Form

Memorial Lists- Check back to 2008 for all memorial and tribute titles.

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