Tributes and Memorials

Are you searching for a special way to honor a loved one?

Place a book “In Memory of – Express your sympathy by honoring the memory of someone who has passed away: a loved one, friend, neighbor or business associate.

Place a book “In Honor of – Do you need an extra-special gift for someone? Perfect for any occasion! Use a Tribute for an Anniversary, Birthday, Holidays, Graduation or Just Because.

A notification card will be sent to the person you indicate, advising them of your gift.  A plate will be placed on the inside of the book with: “In Memory of” or “In Honor of”: their name, ‘Given by’: your name.

There is a minimum donation of $20 for memorial and honor books.  Call 724-658-6659, ext. 106 or email Sharon, at for more information.

Memorial Book Request Form

Memorial Lists

Yearly listings of memorial books back to 2008! The items are listed alphabetically according to your loved one’s first name.  We have listed the information exactly as it was given in the original request. If you have requested more than one title for a particular individual, they are listed together.

If you are looking for a specific name, try using “Ctrl + F” to search within each document.